One century of terror

One century of terror

Éditions Muse ( 22.06.2018 )

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Ameghar a wise Tuareg poet who chose to flee the dry desert as the heart of his brother was harder than a stone, even if the stone gushes clear limpid water, his impure brother named Thalud was a bloodthirsty leader of a powerful tribe who was selling water to the other poor tribes of the Sahel. During the journey of the family caravan, Ameghar lost his daughter Alycia who died of heartache. Fortunately he meets his jewish friend David and his clever son Simon who showed him the way to life water and peace, to the green prosperous oasis named Ghris. Unfortunately, the descent of the pacific poet meets the fate of the French colonization of 1912 in Morocco. After the independence of the country, his little son Azoulay who cashed all the cultural anti-psychic misfortunes in this racial exodus of the dictatorship if the system became a terrorist wanting to racking revenge on the whole planet. Finally his perseverance in making his childlike good sense triumphs against his intrinsic violated face of his soul which is very angry. So he triumphs against the whole gang of terrorists who had taken hostage the children of a creek named the Little Angels of France.

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Lahcen Larouz

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